Hardwood Finishings

Hardwood Finishings

To ensure that your wooden floor stays as beautiful as the day it was laid, MyWoodFlooring offers a range of high-quality hardwood finishings.

A wood finish looks wonderful. It’s literally “finished off” to perfection. Moreover, this essential process also protects your investment from wear and tear, as well as from any damage caused by water, and other factors.

MyWoodFlooring will take care of everything, from start to finish. Although all wooden floors need looking after, we’ll take you through the main techniques that we use to help you decide which is the best choice for your home.

Hardwood Finishings from MyWoodFlooring

High or Low Maintenance?

The decision is yours. What do we mean here? Simply, that some hardwood finishings generally need professional re-application and regular care perhaps a little more often than others may do.

Let’s start with the wooden finishes that don’t need too much attention from a flooring specialist:


A high-end look that ranges from the super-subtle to a look-at-me high-gloss, lacquer is fast-drying and extremely durable. Also, it keeps out water and doesn’t yellow as the wood ages. As the name implies, it forms a film on top of the wood grain, rather than penetrating it, as some oil finishes may do. We mentioned that it’s easy to look after: it certainly is, but it will need to be applied professionally (no DIY-ing here) to get it just right.

Bear in mind that there are different types of lacquer wood finish, so get in touch with us to find out more.

LED & UV Oil

LED Oil is a mix of oils, waxes, resins and additives formulated to harden instantly when exposed to LED light. So, there’s no downtime. It’s cured, or “ready to go” immediately and comes in a range of shades. Here, you can look forward to a natural shine that will last for years – with very little effort on the housework front. .

Importantly, it’s highly resistant to water, chemicals and dirt.

Now let’s look at (slightly) higher maintenance wooden floor finishings:


Hardwax oils combine oils and waxes. The wax forms a protective layer over the surface of the wood, whilst the wax is absorbed into your floor.

There’s a natural moisture exchange between the wood and its surroundings, so wood treated this way can “breathe” more easily – extending its life and enhancing the air quality in your home.

Also, it attracts less animal hair, lint and dust, Fabulous news if you suffer from any allergies. However, it will need refinishing once in a while. Plus, we’d recommend using an oil-based cleaning product to keep your floor spick and span.

Natural Oils

Your wooden floor is of course stunning, and you’ll need to consider how you want to look versus how well you need the finish to perform. Natural oil finishes penetrate deeper into the wood when compared to other traditional wood finishes, and therefore deliver a stronger effect.

They’re an environmentally aware choice, too. Nevertheless, natural oil finishes offer reduced protection to scratches and dents (vs. polyurethane options) and aren’t quite as good at protecting from water, or other damages from solvents – including wine! (Do wipe any stains up promptly if this happens.)

When it comes to hardwood finishings, MyWoodFlooring has all the expertise you need. Adding a finish is an important decision, so do get in touch for all the advice you need.