Wooden Skirting Boards

Wooden Skirting Boards

We supply and install a number of beautiful yet practical finishing touches, including accessories and of course, wooden skirting boards.

MyWoodFlooring is a family run business in Sussex. Not only do we source and fit sumptuous solid and engineered wood flooring, we’re passionate about everything to do with the perfect end result. In effect, the full picture. So, there’s no need to “skirt” around (sorry), we’ll do everything for you.

As with every aspect of flooring, skirting boards are noticeable, and you have to get them right. And there are lots of options, too. We’d be delighted to help you make the perfect choice, and install your skirting neatly and succinctly as part of your wooden floor fitting.

Alternatively, is now the time to modernise your interior décor with a new series of skirting boards? If so, we offer this as a standalone service.

Wooden skirting boards from MyWoodFlooring

Wooden Skirting Boards – The Lowdown

Wooden skirting boards add a classy, decorative finish the lowest part of an interior wall.

They’re practical, too, as they cover the join between the wall and the floor, helping to protect the walls against any scuffs or accidental kicks when you move furniture about. From contemporary to traditional designs, skirting boards are available in different measurements (height and depth), a range of wood types, and in a variety of colours. Even a choice of finishings.

Enhance your interior décor with a beautiful skirting board, or why not complement it with something striking?

What’s more, hardwood skirting is durable, and easy to maintain.

The MyWoodFlooring Distinction

Wooden flooring is our focus. We can spot a lovely wooden floor at 50 paces. It’s our profession, and our true area of expertise. With over 25 years’ specialist experience, there’s almost nothing we don’t know about hardwood floors, and about which we wouldn’t be able to advise you.

So, don’t be shy. Do pick up the phone and make contact with us. Get in touch today on 07788 582 782. Or, email us through this website.