What is engineered wood flooring?

What is engineered wood flooring?

Exactly what IS engineered wood flooring? Here’s your ultimate guide, from the experts here at MyWoodFlooring. Certainly, it’s become an excellent and ultra-popular choice for many homes. After we’ve laid it, it’s hard to tell the difference betwee the engineered version and solid wood floors. They look identifical. But, they act and react differently.

Essentially, engineered wood flooring is more resilient whereas solid wood flooring can last longer.

Construction of engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood floors are several layers of wood pressed together.

All the layers of engineered wood run in different directions. Thus, this form of construction is considerably more stable than a solid wood floor.

Engineered wood layers

With high resistance to changes in moisture, there’s less shrinking or warping than you may find with a solid wood floor. Also, engineered wood floors suit rooms where solid wood flooring may be liable to damage. For example, conservatories, basement and rooms with underfloor heating.

Like regular solid flooring, the top layer is always a veneer of solid wood. And, it’s available in a range of traditional hardwood surfaces.

However, under this top layer is the core which can be made from HDF, plywood or a soft wood, giving it excellent strength and stability.

To maintain its beauty, we often sand down engineered wood. This removes any dents or scratches, making the floor look as good as new.


The three-layer system is also designed to be a greener choice than a solid hardwood floor. Why? Because we only lay the more expensive and slow-growing hardwoods on the upper surface, with the core layers consisting of faster-growing and less expensive wood species, such as pine. This offers a significant waste reduction.

Installation methods

Installing engineered wood flooring

We install engineered floors in two ways:

Firstly, they’re available with tongue and groove edges which we nail to a wooden sub-floor, or glue them down if laying onto a concrete base.

Secondly, eEngineered floors come with an easy click system that we install on a floating floor.

The availability of click systems in engineered wood flooring means that it’s easier to install. Providing that the correct guidelines are followed, they’re easy to fit successfully. We’ve put together some useful information guides.


As a natural product, engineered wood flooring needs to become used to the conditions of your home before we install it. This is called the Acclimatisation Period. It is best to let your engineered wood floor ‘settle’ into its new environment before you install it.

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