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Whether you’re a residential customer or a business owner, MyWoodFlooring is pleased to offer you a completely free home consultation service in Sussex. You’ve decided to take the plunge to invest in a stunning, high-end wood floor. Wooden flooring must be durable, long lasting – and of course, something that you’ll love for years to come.

So, you already know that it’s a considered purchase, and one that needs careful thought.

Therefore, we won’t rush your decision.

The team here at MyWoodFlooring is at your disposal for in-depth guidance, and our home consultation service will help you decide what’s exactly right for you and your family.

We visit you at your home

What Happens During My Home Consultation Service?

1. We’ll measure Up

Well, that sounds obvious, but careful measuring of your chosen rooms will help to keep wastage to a minimum. Equally, we don’t want the end result to fall inches short of where it needs to be. Measuring is a skilled task, and you can have complete peace of mind in our measurements and calculations.

2. Loads of Samples – and Advice

Busy family bathroom? High-traffic kitchen? Pets padding in and out of your backdoor with muddy paws?

You need expertly informed advice on various types of wood, styles, designs and colours available. In other words, practicality vs. aesthetics. Plus, which accessories will be most suitable; in effect, what will go where.

Feel free to take your time to enjoy the look and feel of the samples we’ll bring. It’s exciting to anticipate. And, the choice is broad. The quality – quite superb. You’ll be able to start imagining your future floor immediately.

3. Ask As Many Questions as You Need To

It’s true: there really IS no such thing as a stupid question.

Not in our world, anyway. Talk to us about your budget, and your time frames, too. We’re happy to manage your expectations, so that you’ll be aware of everything that will happen, step by step. Including how to prepare for your installation.

4. Look Forward to Your Quotation

It’s on its way. It will have all the information you need, but do call us if you have any questions.

And now…just get in touch to book your free home consultation service.

At the risk of using a cliché, there’s no obligation at all. If you’ve asked us simply to supply the wood, you may even be fitting it yourself. Or of course, it would be our pleasure to install it for you.